Axe your acne

All of us wish to have a glowing, blemish free faces but this dream goes down the drain when you are suffering from Acne. It is not only teenagers with their raging hormones who suffer from Acne. A recent health survey has revealed that a majority of the populace has suffered the effects of acne at some point in their lives. Most of us have tried various creams and weird concoctions to counter this one problem. Acne is usually associated with low self esteem and a host of other psychological problems.


Here you have a few tips to axe your acne and feel great.


Wash your Face twice a day


Washing your face, twice daily is the easiest and cheapest way to prevent breakouts. Dirt, grime and grease, pollution, smoke from vehicles and cigarettes build up on your skin all day. Washing your face with a mild sulphate free acne specific facewash - once in the morning and once at night should do the trick. This simple regime will rid you of all unwanted guests like dust, dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria. However, take care not to be too vigorous or washing too often as it may lead to dry skin.


Sleep well


Most of us do not even realize the importance of sleep in our lives. Stress-free and regular sleep helps the body to function better and thus look better. Also people suffering from serious acne should avoid sleeping on their stomachs; instead they should try sleeping on their back or sides. It is imperative to maintain hygiene and wash your pillowcase regularly.


Eat right


What you put into your stomach shows on your skin outside. And if junk is all that your stomach is getting, be prepared to look the same. People with acne should steer clear of fried, greasy foods and aerated drinks. Meal times should be regular with adequate servings of vegetables and whole grains. Fruits like apple, papaya and pineapple contribute to a glowing skin. Try to avoid excessive intake of white rice and white flour products. Keep your stomach clear as constipation is the biggest cause of acne. Drink enough water and eat water rich raw fruits and vegetables everyday for a smooth and healthy skin. Health drinks like amla, aloe vera, neem work wonders.


Safe Cosmetics and skin care products


People prone to acne and pimples need to be very careful when choosing their skin care products. Try using natural skin care that avoids the use of chemicals. Beware of instant creams that promise a lot but more often than not aggravate the condition. All make up products should be of good quality and should be replaced after a year. Make up brushes, sponges should be washed regularly with warm water. Avoid glossy powders as these contain mica that blocks pores and aggravates your skin condition.  Try skin packs containing Camphor, Neem, Basil, Charcoal, Tea tree, Turmeric, Charcoal or Aloe Vera. They provide relief and stop further deterioration.




Exercising regularly leads not only to a healthy body but also a healthy mind. It clears the stress and negativity that hamper us on a day to day basis. It is an excellent anti depressant and a perfect antidote to low self esteem. And above all, please love yourself, do not let a bunch of pimples dictate what you think or feel about yourself.


Some Acne Fixes


Here are some tips for acne prone skin 

  • Drink warm water in the morning to detox.
  • Tulsi leaves clean the blood of all impurities and chewing of it is very very good for the body and not only the skin.
  • Mash a ripe papaya. Massage the pulp onto the face for 10-15 minutes. Wash your face with water and dry with a towel. This is great to cleanse an acne prone skin.
  • Make a pack out of Neem paste, 1-2 cloves, a pinch of camphor and clay or fullers earth to hold it tight. Rinse when dry.
  • Use a natural, alcohol-free toner to close your pores after every wash.
  • Apply a light oil-free moisturizer or honey to your face to avoid drying. Excessive drying of skin is also not good.


A healthy lifestyle will soon reflect on your skin and will help you axe the acne forever. The glowing skin and blemish free face will soon be the reality rather than the stuff of your dreams.

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