The correct winter lifestyle as per ayurveda
  • By OaHN Team
  • Dec 24, 2020

“Going viral” has a very different meaning nowadays, with cough & cold becoming the new trend and COVID-19 the trendsetter. However, we like to believe that when the going gets rough, we should always go back to our roots, for Ayurveda has all the answers! Heres how the winters should look like, as per our ancient scriptures.

From sheetal to agni: Switch your diet plans

Avoid raw, cold foods if you have a weak digestive system and take extra care to keep your internal agni (digestive fire) kindled. The best time to eat salads is at noon, whenour digestive fire is at its peak, and they should be eaten immediately to preserve their vitality or prana. Eat warm, moist foods - think stews & soups - as well as seasonal veggies like spinach, fenugreek, radish, carrot, cauliflower, peas, etc.

Warm up your insides

Cozy up with a cup of steaming, adrak ki chai or green tea to keep your inner temperature balance maintained. Use body-warming herbs like cinnamon, curry leaf, ginger, cloves and nutmeg. Have desi ghee, churned in the traditional way. Its distinct look and taste is different from the ones available conventionally and goes a long way in nurturing you.

Just the right routine

Exercise and meditation gain additional prominence during seasonal shifts, when bodily function is one of the pillars of our health. A daily routine that includes Pranayama like Agnisara, Suryabhedi, Kapalbharti, Ujjayi and
Anulom Vilom will help keep seasonal changes at bay,keep your blood detoxed and improve your respiratory health.

The Wonders of Abhyanga

Abhyanga, or self massage, helps to stimulate nerves and nourish the skin with oils, keeping those seasonal critters of disease and illness far away from your being. The best Ayurvedic oils that could be used for abhyanga are oils prepared using fragrant Ayurvedic herbs like chandan, ushira, nagarmotha, bala etc. as it accelerates the stimulating and healing effects. 

Try Dhanwantharam Thailam and Khus & Manjistha Pitta Body Oil for the ultimate Abhyanga experience!

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