Our Story

It all started with me! There was this nagging skin inflammation that just wasn’t responding to countless creams and prescriptions I tried. I was at my wits end, literally. Something would work and then wham, it would come back again. Thats when I started looking for natural alternatives. There was hardly any reliable information available about my issue. But it led me to a journey of reading up on natural healthy alternatives that opened up a whole new world for me.

One day, my Malayali best friend told me to try coconut oil. Pronto, I googled and found celebrated nutritionists from world over touting the miraculous benefits of pure virgin, cold pressed coconut oil! I was excited. I went about looking for it here in India and was quite disappointed for not being able to find a product with these specifications anywhere close by. I finally pulled up some contact in Kerala to get me a high quality coconut oil. It was a difficult task but totally worth it!

I used it and am happy to report that my inflammation went away, and never returned back again!! It was a huge AHA about how immensely powerful products can be, when they are made keeping their natural properties intact.

No, the story doesn’t end here :-)

I went about trying to change a lot of products in my lifestyle to match my new vision of only natural. I was in for a nasty surprise. Everywhere i saw, there were natural products. Well, so-called-natural. But when I tried reading up the ingredient list, it was a different story altogether. I found out there was so much of misinformation doled out in the name of natural that it wasn’t even funny.

Natural, is the most lightly used word in India, I realised. You will find almost every product, from food to holi colors, from skin care to probably even light bulbs, is being touted as natural these days. But, if you go a step ahead and look at their “complete” ingredient list (if they have one mentioned, that is!), you will realise what you are in for!

It soon became a passion to scout out for the truly natural products... the ones without the nasties lurking in them ...and the ones closest to what your body would approve of, if it could speak up...And the ones that our nani ma and dadi ma would have concocted and , if they wanted to! It wasn’t easy in the beginning, but with enough knowledge, I marched on. Coz I knew, that this was the answer to the chemical onslaught around me that I (and most of us) was so happily unaware of!

And from this passion, was born On A Healthy Note, a collection of truly natural, authentic and effective products to heal your body, mind, spirit and the world, one step at a time. 

Most of us don’t know enough about where to go, what to do, what to eat, what to use or even how to get started to get our lives more in tune with how nature intended it to be. Whatever we do or know, is all based upon hear say or Dr. Google.

Leading a sustainable holistic healthy lifestyle...the kind that we dream about... the kind that the magazines talk about...and yes, the kind that the high flung celebrities practice in the privacy of their homes, IS EASY. If you have the right resources. Or the RIGHT BEST FRIEND :-)


OaHN is an earnest effort for of us all to be empowered to live a life of healthy balance in the era of shortcuts and busy schedules.

Its a wish list for people wanting to take informed decisions about their lifestyle choices.

Its an attempt to provide the most correct and updated info on things that avid marketers would want you to skip.

Its about fixing the loopholes we currently face in the sea of choices facing us.

Its about taking our power back and stepping up, for ourselves and for those that we love.

Its about getting inspired and inspiring others, getting encouraged and encouraging others, leading and showing the way.

Its a labour of love to make healthy sustainable living accessible by providing “truly authentically natural” products.

Its about finding equally passionate like minded people who like to create things from scratch - handmade, artisanal, nasty-free, non toxic, what have you!

Its about falling in love with this abundant bounty called Nature that we have been blessed with! Again and again....

I took this journey which turned into a lifelong affair and transformed me, both inside and out. And now I invite YOU to embrace Nature and surround yourself and your loved ones with its benevolence.

Come Fall in Love. Have #AnAffairWithNature :)


Jyoti <3