1. Can I view the product or have a demo personally before I purchase?

All products displayed on OAHN site give complete and accurate details in terms of features, pack size, indicative image etc and the customers are requested to view the details and place an order accordingly. Being an online portal and not a retail store, we do not have products that may be physically viewed before you purchase with us.

 2. Can I come and personally collect the product by paying in Cheque or through NEFT?

If you are in Kolkata, you are welcome to come and personally collect and browse around the other products we have. For payment through cheque or Neft you can do that by selecting the appropriate option while placing the order.


3. Are there any hidden costs apart from the product price and shipping charges?

At the time of placing your order, the cart page & the payment page will display the total product price and the shipping charges as applicable. This is the amount that is due to be paid by you. There are no hidden costs and all chargeable amounts are featured before the payment/checkout page.

4. What security measures does OAHN offer its customers with regards to the safety of online transactions or payments?

We adopt stringent security measures to ensure that critically sensitive information, such as your personal information and your credit card details are protected. We ensure that using your card on OAHN is Safe, Secure & Convenient. Here what we provide – 

  • Secure Payment Gateway
  • SSL (Standard Sockets Layer) Technology
  • Card & Personal Data Encryption
  • Net Authentication & Security
  • Secure Firewall on the Servers
  • We never capture your card details; the information is given by you directly on the Bank’s Secure Server
  • Stringent Data handling policy ensures complete confidentiality of all your data.


5. How can I get the order confirmation number and details?

On placing an order with OAHN, an order confirmation number is generated and is saved in "Orders History”. You can access your account at any time and view the details and status of your order. Simultaneously, you will be informed about your order status, through an email on the email address provided by you.