Silicone Free

Shampoos that make your hair shine like in the advertisement, and body lotions that pour like drops from heaven; advertise long term disadvantages when you practically buy them over the counter. Silicone free ensure a practical long term hair and body care.
Canna Bliss Skin Care - 10 ml
Donkey Milk Soap 135 gms
Obsidian Aniseed Skull Soap
Coffee Foaming Scrub 200 gms
Vanilla Body Lotion 200 ml
Vanilla Body Butter 100 gms
Cocoa Body Butter 100 gms
Sun Shield Combo
₹1,809 ₹1,450 (20% off)
De-Tan Body Sunscreen 200 ml
Cafe Mocha Lip Oil 10 ml
Sweet Almond Oil 100 ml